Taurus Doors' Vision
  • BTS 80F –EMB/FLB (Floor Springs)
    BTS 80F –EMB/FLB (Floor Springs)
    Floor springs designed especially for fire and smoke doors. Wide range of functions, quality assured.
  • EM (Hold-open Magnets)
    EM (Hold-open Magnets)
    DORMA's new range of EM hold-open magnets provides the perfect complement to a technically and aesthetically advanced range of fire and smoke door products. These new market-orientated developments are characterized by their ease of fixing and functional elegance. And thanks to comprehensive quality assurance, they also offer maximum reliability and service life.
  • PHP – PHB (Exit Pad)
    PHP – PHB (Exit Pad)
    Advanced, high-spec fittings for emergency exit doors. With this system, DORMA is able to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality panic hardware fittings with horizontal and vertical locking for doors in emergency exits and escape routes. Applications in which safety, reliability and aesthetic attractiveness are indispensable requirements.
  • SR (Door Coordinators)
    SR (Door Coordinators)
    The DORMA SR 390 is a thoroughly proven, purely mechanical door co-coordinator for pairs of doors with rebated meeting stiles. It is fixed to the door frame as a surface unit and is nonhanded. The DORMA SR 390 ensures the correct sequence of door closing.
  • TS93 (Door closer systems)
    TS93 (Door closer systems)
    The TS 93 cam action door closer system provides a high-quality architectural solution for all project application requirements. The proven DORMA technology featuring the heart-shaped cam ensures exceptional ease of opening.