Taurus Doors' Vision
  • Rapid Food
    Rapid Food
    Food processing represents a working environment which places extraordinarily high and specific demands on the operating resources deployed within it. In this way, a high degree of hygiene is required in these areas, which thus requires a high degree of resistance by deployed operating resources to aggressive cleaning materials. Doors in these areas must be easy to clean and disinfect and must be insensitive to cleaning agents, as well as preventing the penetration of dirt.
  • RapidRoll 300 Plus
    RapidRoll 300 Plus
    Advantages of Albany RapidRoll ® 300 Plus ALU
    - Spaces aving deisgn enables installation onto door openings with restricted space
    - Easy to clean door curtain
    - Integrated balancing system allows for a manual or automatic egress
  • RapidRoll 355
    RapidRoll 355
    Advantages of Albany RapidRoll ® 355
    All round safety through:
    - Pre-running safety photocell and door line photocell for touchless protection of people and goods
    - Minimising damages at collisions through the self-repairing know-out-capability integrated in the bottom profile
    - Good wind resistance by curtain tensioning and windbreak tabs in the side frames
    - Alternatively door curtain of clear PVC or of RollTex ® Plus
  • RapidRoll 450
    RapidRoll 450
    Advantage of Albany RapidRoll ® 450/600/600G
    - The pre-running safety photocell (transmitter/receiver) offers a maximum of safety
    - The tensioning curtain system ensures controlled safe opening and closing of the door and makes sure the curtain is always tensioned
    - By using various control systems individual functions and different speeds of doors are available
    - The door curtain counter-balance system, which uses tension springs, offers drop down safety
  • RapidRoll 3000 Series
    RapidRoll 3000 Series
    Albany RapidRoll ® 3000 series combine the greatest functionality with modern design. Their outstanding engineering makes the doors extremely fast, safe, robust and guarantees an extremely long service life with low maintenance needs. The stylish modern design, achieved by using polished aluminium slats and large windows, ensures an attractive appearance and perfect integration into building facades.
  • Strip Curtains
    Strip Curtains
    Strip Curtains are designed to be used for:
    - Closing of large doorways
    - Partitioning parts of a building with different temperature areas
    - Protecting machines and installations in production areas against dust, chips, splashes, sparks, etc.